conferences & workshops program

Discover our program of high level conferences based on hot topics of retail :

New normal: new reality, new challenges in retail

8 November 2023 9h00 to 9h45 Conferences Room Conference

In a post-pandemic context that has disrupted consumer habits, what are the new retail standards? How can we meet consumer expectations?

Data analysis, optimisation of the customer experience, integration of new technologies... how to adapt to the VICA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world and face the constant changes in the market?

Cybersecurity: a business priority for e-commerce

8 November 2023 15h00 to 15h45 Conferences Room Conference

With the acceleration of digitalization and the increasing amount of sensitive data, the retail sector has become a prime target for hackers.

How to deal with cyber threats? What strategies and tools should be put in place to protect oneself and maintain the trust of buyers? What solutions can be used to raise awareness and involve all the players in the chain?

An overview of an imperative that is of great importance to the retail sector.

Green revolution: towards a more sustainable e-commerce?

9 November 2023 9h00 to 9h45 Conferences Room Conference

With 70% of online shoppers saying that they prefer websites that promote an eco-responsible approach, what are the CSR challenges of e-commerce?

Production, packaging, delivery...  How can we "decarbonise" the retail sector and meet the expectations of cyber shoppers? What is the impact of the Agec law and the new standards?

Sharing good practices to reconcile economic growth and sustainable development.

AI and e-commerce: the digital revolution of the shopping experience

9 November 2023 15h00 to 15h45 Conferences Room Conference

Artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally transform the way consumers interact with brands and make purchases.

Behavioural predictions, service offerings, inventory management... what are the opportunities for retail? How can brands take advantage of them? What innovations can be integrated to simplify the purchasing process? 

Between ethical issues, creativity and technological challenges, we take a look at practices that are constantly (r)evolving.